Peer Massage

A Child 2 Child Peer Massage is a simple initiative created by Jean Barlow it can be used by children and young people in a whole class or small groups and is ideal for a PSHE lesson.

There are a series of short routines that can be given on the hand or the back and head.

The students choose, daily, whether they wish to take part in the massage and if so, the kind of massage they prefer.

This work uses the body’s own responses to address balance and harmony. The good feelings help to keep students calm, positive, focused and motivated.

It is an inclusive and sustainable model that is easy to introduce and co-ordinate.



To become A child2child registered setting and use peer massage in your lessons contact us on 0333 200 8705, email to or click get in touch.

Prices start from just £895 for a whole school training.

Jean Barlow

Jean Barlow CertEd, BPhil,

is a highly qualified and

experienced teacher,

trainer, consultant and


Jean has worked with many school leadership teams and educational staff to promote social and emotional impetus to improve teaching and learning in a variety of schools, nurseries, children‘s centres and early years classes, colleges and universities.


Jean has worked for many local authorities throughout the UK as well as being an associate Tutor with Edgehill University.


You can see Jean being interviewed about Peer Massage and the benefits of it in the video below.