COVID-Safe, Family Fun Christmas Activities!

Updated: Dec 12, 2020

Can you believe that Christmas is nearly here!

Decorations are being put up, festive songs are being blasted across the supermarket, and for the first time we’ve cracked out the Christmas themed masks.

For many families across the UK, they’re wondering what on earth Christmas will look like this year and if they’ll get the chance to see loved ones during this very bizarre time. However, we can’t let the virus ruin all the fun, it is Christmas after all… We’ve highlighted some festive home activities for the whole family in the COVID Christmas guide.

Let’s start off with something most of us love, family games! Games can be a great way to get the whole family involved and make some happy memories. Pick some games everyone enjoys (maybe leave monopoly in the cupboard for now), from board games to charades or 20 questions, the options really are limitless.

If games aren’t really your thing you could give family baking a go. There’s not much better than the smell of cinnamon or chocolate drifting through your house, with laughter from the kitchen echoing down the hall. Baking is a wonderful activity to enjoy this Christmas, you could try cookies, cakes, or even gingerbread houses if you’re feeling up to the challenge. Stick Mariah Carey on and get baking! However, if you’ve burnt the cookies or can’t stand your kitchen being turned into a floury mess, you could try your hand at festive arts and crafts. Arts and crafts are always fun, no matter your age so this activity is a great way to get every one involved around the table. You can lay out a range of paper, pens, paints, googly eyes, sequins, and more to create Christmas decorations that will hold a place in your heart in the years to come.

An activity you might have already done is decorating! Decorating the house for Christmas is an exciting way to have a good time and we recommend making your house feel as festive as ever to counteract this year. If you normally keep things minimal, go BIG this year; crack out the snacks, drinks, and music, and turn your home into ‘Whoville.’

Once the house is decorated, the cookies baked (or burnt), the arts and crafts cleared away, and the games over, there’s always a variety of Christmas films to pick from. Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without marathoning festive films and gorging on your favourite snacks on the sofa. You’ll likely already have a list of classics your family watches each year but there’s no harm in switching it up and trying out a couple of new films your family members have been eyeing up.

It might be a bit strange this year to say the least but nothing can take away Christmas spirit and family fun. Get everyone involved and have bucket loads of fun, even if that does mean getting a little bit messy…

We’d love to see your Christmas creations and messes, please send or share them to our Facebook page so we can share in the festive spirit!

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