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Safer Schools is Aspire’s De-escalation and Positive Handling Training. We believe that physically handling children/young people should be a last resort to any situation, which is why we have developed our Safer Schools Programme. The programme is first and foremost designed to show schools/organisations how to follow the steps needed to stop situations escalating with individual pupils/young people, using tried and tested de-escalation approaches and strategies, but also then looks at legally and medically reviewed approaches in appropriate use of physical handling of individuals.


As part of the training we show you all the physical handling techniques necessary to ensure you and the child/pupil/young person are safe and at least risk of injury. Safer Schools is more relevant, safer and more nurturing than other leading child/pupil/young people physical handling training.

Benefits of Safer Schools

                                                                                                                                       Legally reviewed

                                                                                                                                     Medically reviewed

                                                                                                                  A range of de-escalation techniques

                                                                                                       Lead trainers BTEC Level 3 accredited with NFPS



Was the training delivered useful and why? 

"I feel confident about dealing with conflict"


 "Understanding strategies and appropriate holds and real-world examples" 

"Managing issues before they get to the point of physical intervention"

About our trainers:

"Friendly approachable staff"

"Great presenters – brilliant"









Upon completion of the training you will provided with an accredited certificate and contact details for the training team. We will provide ongoing support and advice for anybody that doesn’t feel confident about physically holding a child or the de-escalation strategies used before and after incidents. We believe that this training requires a whole school/organisation approach and therefore it is not priced per person but for up to 20 staff members.

All of our lead trainers have been trained and accredited to BTEC Level 3 in Physical Restraint & Conflict Management by the NFPS, in addition to having years of experience dealing with conflict and behaviour issues in educational settings.


In addition, we regularly update our training with the NFPS to ensure it is constantly in line with legal and medical recommendations and therefore recommend that this training is completed on an annual basis. The cost of training up to 20 staff members is £895, which works out at just £44.75 per person.

If you would like more information or to book this training for your setting then please contact us on 0333 200 8705 or email

Stacey Faulkner

Linda Wyld - Training Manager

Carol Woodall