Aspire Specialist Supply

Specialist Pupil or Classroom Support 

At Aspire Behaviour Management we believe that supply staff are just as important as any other member of your team and therefore we try to ensure that our staff integrate with you as seamlessly as possible.


We are uniquely placed to offer trained specialist supply staff who have been through our own in house training and accreditation programme including working in our very own Independent Specialist Provision.

Working in collaboration with Hays Education we are able to offer specialist supply staff who are trained to work with children who have behavioural difficulties regardless of the challenges. These staff members have all undertaken a period of training in one of our own Independent Specialist Provisions, The Aspire Hub Burnley or The Aspire Hub Botlon.


These supply staff are available for short term or long term placements. If you would like to find out more about this or any other services then call us on 0333 2008705, email or click Get in Touch below.

St. James Farnworth

Suzanne has been brilliant. She observed, listened and got to know how I interacted with the children before she did. This meant we could work consistently. 


She is very good at de-escalating children who have found themselves unable to learn at that moment (for whatever reason). This means more children are increasingly being able to remain in the classroom, or return after a period of reflection time with Suzanne. 


Children really value the time with Suzanne.

She is very proactive and never sits back. For example today, when all the children were calm, she was supporting children with their maths work too. It's great to have her in school.