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CPD Certified

Embark on a transformative journey with our Online Training platform – where inspiration meets innovation! 

For a limited time, access our WHOLE SCHOOL CPD TRAINING at an unbeatable £195 per year per school. 

Explore a spectrum of topics that resonate with the heart of education:

Challenging Behaviour and De-escalation: Navigate the complexities of behaviour with strategies that bring harmony to your classroom.

Complex Trauma: Address the roots of trauma to create a safe and nurturing learning space for every child.

Lunchtime Supervisor Training: Empower your unsung heroes with tools to foster positive playground experiences.

ADHD: Unlock insights into understanding and supporting students with ADHD.

Emotion Coaching: Build a foundation of emotional intelligence that transforms your approach to teaching.

PDA (Pathological Demand Avoidance): Navigate the unique challenges of PDA with expertise and empathy.

Attachment: Forge stronger connections and nurture healthy relationships within your school community.

ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder): Gain profound insights into supporting students with ASD.

Coming Soon - MAY 2024 

Anxiety: Equip your team with tools to support students navigating the challenges of anxiety.

Resilience: Cultivate a resilient school culture that thrives in the face of adversity.

The PACE Approach: Playfulness, Acceptance, Curiosity, and Empathy to support positive relationship building.

Every course is CPD accredited, ensuring that each staff member not only gains knowledge but receives a CPD certificate as a testament to their growth.

But that's not all! Brace yourselves for captivating insights from industry luminaries – our guest lectures feature renowned experts, including Educational Psychologists, Mental Health Experts, and Headteachers.

Our inaugural guest lecture series kicks off with the incredible Ross McWilliam of Mindset Pro, delving into the realm of Growth Mindset in Education.  Learn more at


Ready to transform your school's SEND Support?
Sign up below and Join us on a quest to redefine school CPD, where value meets excellence.

More Info about our Online Training


Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder Training will help you to understand what ADHD is. You will learn about the features of ADHD and the diagnosis process. The course will also look at how we can reframe ADHD. You will also learn about practical tips to help with problems and provide solutions.

Complex Trauma

This programme is intended to support participants to understand what Complex Trauma is and be able to identify the risks factors and the different types of trauma. Participants should be able to understand the impact on brain development and the behaviours and consider strategies to support students who may have experienced Complex Trauma.

Lunchtime Supervisors

The Lunchtime Supervisors Training Programme aims to support participants with managing challenging behaviour by using positive language, de-escalation and limiting escalation from students and staff. Provide participants with a better awareness of SEMH difficulties in the context of child development. To understand responses, emotions and to provide strategies to promote positive behaviour and manage challenging behaviour effectively & assertively. To embed verbal and non-verbal communication into practice. To increase skills in positive listening and provide games and resources.

Challenging Behaviour & De-escalation

This training aims to provide participants with a better understanding of causal factors of children’s behaviour, positive behaviour management and de-escalation strategies. To provide the participants and their settings with the confidence and training to encourage and foster positive behaviour practices and to reduce the need for restraint.  Helping to protect and safeguard colleagues and children.

Emotion Coaching

This training aims to provide participants with a better awareness of Emotion Coaching and what it involves. How it supports children and young people’s emotional regulation and how the approach works.

PDA - Pathological Demand Avoidance  

This training aims to provide participants with an introduction to PDA. It provides an understanding of ‘Demands’ and how to conceal them. Also, ways to help reduce some of the anxieties that children with PDA may experience.

ASD - Autism Spectrum Disorder

ASD training aims to provide you with an understanding what ASD is. You will learn about the features of ASD and the strengths and challenges, the Triad of Impairment and you will also learn practical tips to support people with Autism.


This Attachment Training has been developed to help you gain a better understanding of the role of attachment in children’s development and learning, the different approaches that can be used to help support children and the benefits for children.


Is it really only £195?? Yes the £195 annual payment includes every course for every staff member!

Do my staff get a certificate for each course? Yes, every course is CPD accredited and every staff member will receive a certificate upon completion of each course.

Can the courses be completed at any time Yes, the courses can be completed at any time during the year.

Will more courses be added? Yes we will be adding more courses consistently and they are all included in your subscription.

What happens after I sign up? You will receive a welcome email requesting the details of your staff and they will be added to the system within 1 working day of receiving your details.

Can I add new staff members? Yes, you can add and remove as many staff members as you need throughout the year.

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