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Aspire provides CPD Accredited tailor-made training sessions to suit your school's specific needs whether that be learning about the basics of supporting children with SEND and SEMH in a classroom environment or more advanced behaviour management training.


Our most popular programme, Safer Schools – a de-escalation, co-regulation and physical intervention training course that prioritises de-escalation & co-regulation techniques. 

The training is called Safer Schools for a reason; we want to reduce the requirement for physical intervention in schools.

Our Safer Schools Programme will help you:

  • Recognise why a child is presenting with specific behaviours and factors associated with these

  • Support the child to understand the emotions they may be feeling and behaviours that accompany these

  • Build practical skills in de-escalation to ensure challenging situations with pupils do not escalate further and crisis situations are de-escalated in an effective, supportive and timely manner

  • Understand the importance of and learn co-regulation techniques to support pupils emotions that are driving their behaviours

  • And if you absolutely need to intervene physically, we will show you how to do it calmly and safely, with all physical interventions BTEC Conflict Management & Positive Handling and NFPS affiliated


If you would like to become a ‘Safer School’ and join the 100’s of schools supporting and co-regulating the emotional wellbeing of their pupils, contact us.


In addition to Safer Schools, we provide the following training programs:

  • Complex Trauma

  • Lunchtime Supervisors

  • Supporting Mental Health in the Classroom

  • Snapshot sessions on supporting children with SEND and SEMH, including ADHD, ASD and Attachment and their impact.

  • Emotion Coaching

  • The PACE Approach

  • Zones of Regulation

All sessions can be delivered nationwide.

Aspire Outreach Customers and Whole School Online Training Platform customers will receive 10% off the cost of Face to Face Training.

You can view our CPD Accreditation here

Face to Face Training Programmes

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