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Firstly, what a great venue for our first ever Aspire SENCO Briefing and Development Event!

We had a great event with some amazing discussions regarding the reviewed research and guidance on Physical Intervention and how this may impact the updated DFE Guidance moving forwards. Some discussion that came from the briefing and the reviewed guidance with schools was the language used when having to physically support pupils and the inconsistences in this from school to school.

Our Emotion Coaching Snapshot then provided some really beneficial insights into this process of supporting and co-regulating with pupils emotions and resulted in some great discussions about why this approach should be key in all settings. Helping to connect with pupils and build relationships, showing children and adults that it is OK to have both positive and negative emotions, it is how we deal with these emotions that matters. Key to the insight was the importance of supporting the emotion, rather than managing the behaviour. If we support the emotion effectively and empathically, we support de-escalation of heightened behaviours.

Finally, we had a group discussion about an issue one of the schools faced with a particular learner who had made a mistake which impacted their friends. We discussed how to effectively support the learner to re-integrate back into the classroom and their friendship group and how restorative practices would be beneficial to all in this scenario.

It was a brilliant event which everyone enjoyed and got a lot out of!

The event ended up running over time so we have extended our next event to 2 hours to make sure everyone gets the most out of it.

Join us for our next event on 4th October 2024 at Bolton Stadium

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